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These days, many companies have established subsidiaries and branch offices around the world.
However, slow Internet connection between countries causes the inconvenience of company's work and communication.
Furthermore, if only use Groupware at headquarters, we cannot set up language for each branch in different countries.

MofficeSuite provides Enterprise Groupware which you can access at anytime and anywhere and depending on specific country, specific company, specific branch and a variety of corporate structures, it can be operated or integrated separately.

In order to manage many foreign subsidiaries and branch offices efficiently, the system must ensure to response to the global market and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises through information sharing, links strengthening.
All global company with branches all over the world can operate as a unified organization through Global Groupware Service

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 Language support : 

   English, Bahasa, 한국어, Chinese,

   Japanese, Vietnamese


  All device app & OS support :

   Android & iOS

   Window & Mac

  Only Annual Subscription



  Company mail service  

Always quick access groupware

  • Server Configuration in the United States, Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Indonesia

  • Each branch and affiliate can connect to the groupware server of the country has the Fastest network.

  • Minimize access delays caused by unreliable network of each country

Intensive, independent, local decentralized, various types of operations available

  • One-way flow of information between headquarters, affiliates, subsidiaries, not two-way flow, so that the transmission and distribution of information implemented smoothly

  • Overcome the disadvantages of centralized groupware system

  • Independent or integrated operations by branches and regional available

  • Centralized management and branch-specific administrator

Integrated domain and private domain are available to use

  • Integrated domain as well as individual domains can also operate

  • Webmail is not only used a single domain but also each branch and affiliate can use webmail with their domain

  • Even each affiliate and branch are using separate domains, it is possible to integrate them

Time Zone

  • It is possible to choose to use the time-zone depending on each individual according to time-zone of the city or the country

  • Separating the time display of the document made in the other time zones in accordance with the variation of the time zone

  • Working time is applied depending on the time zone

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 be with Cloud ERP 

We provides many functions to help optimize and improve your business workflow. The software is design to alleviate redundant tasks and create sales and manage purchases and accounting needs all on one platform.

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 Cloud ERP consulting service 

  - New customer : After registration

  - Exist customer : system optimization &

    operation training

   . Consulting period

      : 8~12 weeks 

   . Distribution & Service industry  

       : Min USD 10,000.~

   . Manufacturing & Construction industry

       : Min USD 15,000.~ 

We offers modules for inventory, production, sales, purchasing, accounting, payroll and groupware collaborative needs.

Implementing cloud ERP(Ecount) to ones company will allow more transparency and organization any daily operations.

An all inclusive ERP at a Affordable Price

  • All the functions a company will need, such as inventory, production, sales, purchasing, accounting, payroll, groupware, and webmail and more.

  • Industries such as manufacturing, distribution, service, trade, non-profit, are using cloud ERP(Ecount) now.

Easily Customize and Adapt

  • You can enable and disable modules.

  • Add and edit transactions, input screens and print templates..

  • Generate and search for reports by items, customer/vendor, date. A scalable ERP

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