Product Features - Ecount ERP consulting

 Inventory   Ecount ERP is SaaS ERP software with an inventory module to track and manage inventory with greater speed and efficiency. Many businesses carry far too much inventory and cannot easily see what is selling and what isn't. This ties up valuable resources and creates an inefficient company. Furthermore, if the sales, inventory, and purchasing modules are not integrated, more valuable resources are wasted due

to redundant re-keying and unnecessary purchases.

Ecount ERP allows businesses to clearly evaluate their inventory to see ways they can improve. An integrated inventory system gives up-to-date inventory information in all locations. Cloud ERP inventory management software helps small and medium sized businesses take control of their inventory issues.          

 Production   Ecount ERP is SaaS ERP software providing manufacturing software to meet the production demands of small and midsized businesses. 
The goal is to present a clear picture to ensure production is within the projected cost, the materials are present, the daily volume is met and on schedule.It is essential to have an integrated system to accurately reflect current inventory levels, BOM status, purchase requests, and sales. Ecount ERP has a fully integrated system to manage production. 
 Finance   Accounting and financials ERP module helps businesses manage A/R, A/P, cost accounting, profit and loss, cash flow projections and more. While many businesses today have some sort of financial or accounting software available they still experience problems.A problem many businesses encounter with a standalone or installed accounting software is that it cannot communicate with the programs used in other departments. The lack of integration makes it difficult for decision makers to make sound decisions that are based on real-time information. This is where our cloud-based software excels. Ecount can be accessed from any computer and is available to an unlimited number of users. Ecount does not require installation and users can access up-to-date financial and accounting data with the click of a button.
 Purchase   Purchasing is arguably the most important aspect in many businesses. Purchasing affects the cost of
production, can halt production, tie up capital, increase liabilities and decrease the bottom line if not managed effectively. Ecount ERP software features an integrated purchasing management system for improve efficiency and lower costs.       


 Sales   Ecount ERP provides SaaS ERP software to small and medium sized businesses. The sales ERP module allows businesses to manage their sales activities with greater accuracy and efficiency. When businesses must take additional steps to provide sales information to other departments, errors can occur. With Ecount ERP, the risk of discrepancies between departments is reduced from fully integrated accounting, sales, production, and purchasing system. The affordability of Ecount gives businesses access to fully developed ERP software without the time, capital, and risk associated with other ERP options.            


 HR & Payroll   Ecount ERP provides a Payroll module to track employee compensation and to generate payroll. Earnings and deduction vary by each business’s pay structure. Ecount ERP can be easily configured to fit perfectly for all businesses. All payroll is integrated with the overtime and leave management for accurate and easy payroll.      
 Groupware   Business management and collaboration is important in our social business environment. Groupware software allows teams to work together more efficiently, build on ideas, and reduce unnecessary email while keeping all members up to speed. Security software gives businesses an extra set of controls over confidential documents, emails, and memos.