Product Features

 Mail system that blocks 95% of Spam  
  • A stable mail service founded on 16 years of experience
  • Setup individual or company level spam filters
  • Send a daily list of blocked spam
  • Block 99% of viruses
 Synchronization with mobile apps  
  • Groupware / Messenger / CloudDisk / Note / Time-punch 
  • iPhone / iPad / Android phones / Android tablets
 Groupware supports global companies with overseas branches  
 Buildan exclusive cloud for your company centralize files throung CloudDisk  
  • Auto-sync files between your PC and CloudDisk
  • Collaborate with coworkers through sharing
  • Allow additional communication by writing memos to one another in files
  • Exchange files with external users
  • Receive push notifications whenever files are uploaded or memos are added to shared folders
 Customize your groupware  
  • Add functions
  • Develop new associated programs

  • Modify your solution to your preferences

  • Connect with your previously used software


 Stay alert with mobile push notifications  
  • Receive mobile notifications when you receive a new Messenger chat, report, or document, or when a new file is uploaded or edited
  • Get alerts when a document sent for Approval is returned
 Creat handwrite notes by mobile app  
  • Hand write signatures, notes, or text in all text windows
 Edit software setting  
  • Display your company name and CI
 Time-puch mobile app  
  • Punch in or out using NFC, Wi-Fi, or GPS
 Synchronize with contacts and calendar on mobile  
 Diverse sharing settings  
  • Set [Read/Write/Modify/Delete] permissions per user
  • Share with selected individuals or departments


  • Store older documents from the Groupware database to the Archive

  • Store and back up encrypted files

  • Search for documents with various search filters View more details 


 Create custom company forms  
  • Write, edit, and draft forms in HTML or with templates in every text window
  • Modify and use programming templates for automatic formula calculations
 Save attachments to CloudDisk  
  • All attached files for all menus can 「Preview」, 「View and save to other apps」, and 「Save to CloudDisk」
  • All text windows on Web and mobile have the option to 「Attach files from CloudDisk」
 Free mobile phones  
Talk unlimited for free to other coworkers through Wi-Fi connected mobiles
 Audio Message Attachments  
  • Record audio messages and send them as attached files on mobile app
  • Send voice notes as messages when you find typing tiresome