Genieware (groupware) 

"Rachel:Gennie Hybrid System" provides you with the integrated environment to deal with your business and approval process in your organization.
                                                                                The enterprise has to manage its resource systematically by
                                                                                the ERP system. It has to deal with the internal approval
                                                                                process more efficiently by Group ware. Today, the most of                                                                                      company with ERP solution provides you with the ERP and                                                                                        Groupware separately on each license fee. Also, it is not
                                                                                easy for the company to integrate the all process into the
                                                                                one system

                                                                                But, "Rachel : Hybrid ERP" System provides you with the
                                                                                integrated ERP system with Groupware for a license fee.                                                                                   
As it is being operated on Cloud base, you can share it with others by the secured way. Also, you cannot consider the maintenance expense for you system
The Genieware with the key functions is the best solution for the mid-size company to pursue the productivity and more efficiency
  • The user who has a license of "Rachel : Hybrid ERP" can use it without additional license fee
  • The Genieware is being operated on Cloud base. It provide you with the system without any maintenance fee and updated fee.
  • As the employee and payroll data is integrated with "Rachel : Hybrid ERP" system, it can reduce your time to process the job
  • The key functions in the Genieware are the approval process management, the schedule management, the asset usage management, the employee vacation management, the payroll inquiry

  • You can handle your internal process on one system simply and quickly

작업 커피
The menu of Genieware
  • Dashboard

  • Approval Process Management

  • Administration Function

  • Board

  • Access Setting for the department and the individual

  • Schedule management

  • Integrated with Genie ERP

  • General Affair

  • HR Support

 E-Approval Management  

Anywhere, anytime, you can deal with the approval process management on online system.
The group ware provides you with the varied forms for your business situation. you can check the progress of your approval process at real time and handle it out of office

- Approval Request Box

It has six different type forms such as the approval request form, the drafting form, the business cooperation form,

the report form, the purchase drafting form, the expenditure drafting form

- Approved Document Box

It shows you the approved document

- Approval Box

Document Box to be approved / Approved Document Box / Returned Document Box

- Reception Box

It shows you the document received from other department


You can share the news and the information to be informed with the your organization by the board.

You can write the comment and attach the file in the board. Also, it is on Cloud base, you can read it anywhere, anytime

- Notice / Free board
 Schedule Management  

Through the schedule management can make you job more simple and efficient by the systematical management.

You can manage your own schedule and the company schedule separately. you can set the

participants to be attended and informed. Also, you can inform all participants of the schedule by

push-alarm of the email.

You can recognize your schedule by the monthly and weekly and daily calendar and variety way.

Also, you utilize it as the job management, project management, conference management, event management

  • You can check your schedule by the monthly/weekly/daily calendar

  • You can manage the schedule for the your department and yours and send it to participants by the email.

 General Affair  

You can manage the amount and quantity of your asset systematically by the general affair system.

You can categorize your asset by the usage type for more detail management. You can manage the history of asset usage by recording the user, the period of usage, the type of asset, the return date after using, usage reason and etc. You can manage the vehicle operation and maintenance expense, the vehicle mileage. The general affair system provides you with the function to manage the business trip with the business policy set in it. After business trip, you can settle the business expense by the system. Also, you can manage the company policy and the revision history for it. And you can register the common forms the company has to use for your business process

- Company Policy & Forms Management  
  • You can manage the policy and its revision history such as the employee handbook, the business trip policy

  • You can manage the document forms and its revision history

- Lease Asset & Asset Usage Management
  • You can manage the leas contract with detail terms and condition by the system
  • You can manage the usage of your lend, building, equipment by the system
- Vehicle Registration & Operation Management
  • You can manage the vehicle of your company registered in the system with the detail information
  • You can manage the vehicle usage and mileage by the system
- Business Trip Request & Settlement
  • You can request the business trip approval with the business period, the purpose, the transportation,
      and estimated expense by the online
  • After business trip, you can settle your business trip expense and can receive the reimbursement
      from your company
- Office Supplies Purchase Management & Approval
 HR Support  
The HR support is integrated with the HR in ERP system. Through it, your employee can inquiry the salary and deduction information, salary history and print the employee pay stub. You can manage the employee vacation request and approval by the online. Also, you can manage the employee attendance by recording the time clock-in and clock-out by the online
- Paystub Inquiry

  You can inquiry your payroll with detail information.

- Vacation Usage Inquiry

  You can inquiry the vacation usage comparing the vacation day in the employee handbook

- Vacation Request Approval Management

  You can manage the approval process for the vacation request if it is required in HR policy.

- Attendance Management

  You can record the time clock-in and clock-out by the online

- IP management for the Attendance Management

  You can restrict the IP address to access the online time clock system for each employee.