Global Groupware Service

Total IT Solution for Task, Communication and Cooperation


Enterprise-only software that enables efficient business performance and communication  by integrating and organizing business data into groupware based on big data systems.

Members connected around groupware go beyond the physical limits of time and place. 

So, maximize productivity by collaborating with real-time work sharing and communication

Total IT Solution for Task, Communication and Cooperation

Meet "Groupware" now.


200,000 Global Users

Over 3,000  Companies

20 years of Know-How to Provide Stable Service

Rachel:Hanbiro Groupware combines 19 years of experience and know-how to provide more reliable service. 

Rachel:Hanbiro Groupware used by 200,000 users and over 3,000 customers can be trusted.


WHY ? Global Groupware

Global groupware optimized for company types with abroad branches and affiliates

Multilingual individual settings (Korean, Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indonesian etc.) 


Server configuration in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China and the United States always provide fast groupware. 

Daily 10GB of data can be managed without any problems


Provide Various  menu

Not adjust our business to groupware but for adjust groupware to our business,  Rachel:Hanbiro Groupware provide various of 23 menus and delicate set-up function.

Mail / Contact / Calendar / Board / CloudDisk / Whisper / Task / ToDo / Project / Resource / Circular / Archive / HR / Expense / Asset

Reasonable Price

Rachel:Hanbiro offers groupware at a reasonable price, excluding bubbles,

to allow all businesses to adopt a groupware solution at a price that is not onerous.

Groupware Expert consulting support

We offer free regular training twice a month and expert consulting adopting your business environment.