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 Behind your business 

If you are looking for

a reliable, instantly usable system 

 be with Ecount Cloud ERP 
비즈니스 미팅

 Ecount ERP Consulting Service 


  - Registration fee : IDR 0.-

  - Subscription fee : IDR 700,000.-/Monthly   

 Optional service :

   (System optimization & Training

   . 8~12 weeks 

   . Distribution & Service industry  

       : Min USD 10,000.~

   . Manufacturing & Construction industry

       : Min USD 15,000.~ 

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If you are

Looking for communication tools

in your company?


열린 공간 사무실

 Basic functions : 

  Messenger, Schedule, E Report

  Big data mail & Cloud disk - 10G / User

  Spam management

  English, Bahasa, 한국어, Chinese,

  Japanese, Vietnamese


  All device app

 Only Annual Subscription

 Free Visit Consulting

  USD 6.- Monthly Subscription

  (Registration Fee - USD 500.-only 1time)

  Global Groupware, 

  CRM, Company mail Service  

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