Budget Management

Budget management provides powerful tool as a means of cost reduction of the company by enabling the controlling of the expenditures for each of the months and budget items for each of the departments of the company.
Since all the expenditures are controlled at the time of the inputting, if there is no budget then, it prevents the registration of the details of the expenditures.
The accounting statements on the details of the expenditures registered in the budget management are automatically generated in order for the personnel in charge of the relevant tasks to directly generate the accounting statements.
It is possible to easily assess the outcomes including the execution and details of the budget for each of the departments through the report on the execution of budget provided by the budget management.
Budget management  
  • Management of the compilation and approval of the budget

      It is possible to compile and adjust the basic budget as well as apply for additional budget, and manage

      the ensuing approval works.

  • Controlling and manage of the budget expenditures

      By checking whether the accounting statements registered expenditure amount exceeds standard for the

      controlling of the budget or not, accounting statements registration is prevented if the amount exceeds the

      controlled amount
      Controlled budget = Basic budget ± Budget adjustment + Additional budget

Budget planning and performance management  
  • Budget planning and performance management

      It is possible to confirm the budget and performances as well as the contents of the detailed execution

      thereof for each department.

  • Current status of the adjustment and additional budget

      It is possible to confirm the current status as well as the details of the adjustment of / additional budget, and

      the amount of budget executed and the details thereof.

  • Batch-header table for the budget performances

      It is possible to make inquiries on the overall status of the performances and execution in comparison to the

      budget for the entire company.