HR & Payroll Management

Personnel management enables the diverse application of the compensation systems of various companies that differ from each other as it is possible to make registrations without limitations on the wages and deduction items
Since it is possible to manage the past history for information including wages, deductions and income deductions, there is no need to draft separate Excel file for the management of the history of the wages. In addition, it can manage each of the projects to which day laborer, business income earner (freelancer) and other income earners have been employed
Management of the staff information  
It is capable of managing the detailed information of the staffs by registering the relevant documents submitted at the time of joining the company in the file format
Computation and management of wages  
It is capable of computing the wages through the management of the ranks of the staffs for each of the categories of the wages (wages or bonuses) with the automatic generation of the accounting statements for wages. In addition, it can forward the pay slip through e-mail
Management of employee’s work conduct  
Manage the number of days used by registering the work conduct code and allocating the number of the days of holidays for each of the staffs