Purchase & Inventory Management

It is capable of managing the procedures and BOM for each of the projects, and automatically computes the optimal purchase quantity on the basis of the BOM. In addition, it provides a wide range of reports to enable easy management ranging from the placement of orders for materials to the final use and status of the inventory for each of the projects. In addition, it enables the personnel in charge to easily assess the unit price of purchase for each of the companies and times of the purchase by providing the reports that allows easy inquiries on the history of the project and purchasing for each of the items purchased.
The evaluation of the inventory assets supports first-in and first-out method, and gross average method
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Purchase order management  
The purchase order management provides you with the function to calculate the optimized purchase quantity based on the quantity of production planning and the sales order from your customer. As it has the function to issue the purchase order to your vendor automatically with your inventory status, it can make your purchase department more efficiency
The purchase order is managed separately into the domestic purchasing item and the import purchase item
Import management  

Through the import management, you can manage all documents issued by the import process like the import L/C, the import B/L, the import expense document and etc.

It has the function of the import expense settlement into the inventory cost of warehousing item automatically.

You can inquiry the history of import L/C and the issuing expense occurred for the L/C and L/C payment status
Inventory management  

Through the inventory management, you can manage the warehousing process for the merchandise and the material.

When you are in the process of warehousing for the imported item, the import expense is settled into the item

cost of warehousing by the system automatically. Also, it includes the process of the inventory moving into other warehouse  in the process of inventory forwarding

It includes the process of inventory moving into other warehouse
Shipping management  
Through the shipping management, you can manage the process of shipping to deliver your merchandise and product into your customer.
Also, you can print the necessity document you need for your customer.
Supply chain management  
If you vendor uses the Rachel system with you, it provides you with the efficient tool to manage the progress of your vendor for your purchase order. Also, when you issue the purchase order to your vendor, your vendor can receive the your order as the sales order in the your vendor system automatically. It can make the time-consuming process more efficiency between you and your vendor
you can monitor the business process of your vendor for your purchase order by the supply chain management.