Sales Management

The Sales management can trace and manage all activities occurred in the cycle of process from the proposal to the delivery to your customer. Also, it provides you with the function to manage the job dealing with export process. You can record the inventory forwarding for the your merchandise at the time of sales registration into the ERP. If your inventory reach below the safety inventory quantity, y can receive the email of alarm for the inventory deficiency. Also, you can manage the sales price of item per customer. it would be applied to your customer automatically at the sales process
Sales Order & SO Progress Management  
Through the order management, you can manage the terms and condition of your sales order such as the
contract amount, items and quantity, delivery date, delivery date, and etc. Also, when you register your
sales order into the system, you can inquiry the inventory available
You can monitor the all progress of your sales order occurred in your organization such as the production
planning, the purchase order for the materials, the production job order, production output result, and shipping to your customer by the sales order progress management
Export Management  
You can manage all process of export with relevant document which include the L/C, B/L, export expense
document, and etc
You can inquiry the export LC with the more detail information such as L/C nego, the export B/L, the export
expense, and etc
Sales Management  
The sales management provides you with the separated function for the domestic and the export to optimize
the each sales process. When you register the sales transaction into the system, you can record the inventory
warehousing simultaneously and receive the email of alarm for the inventory deficiency of safety quantity
Collection Management for your receivable  
The collection management provides you with the function to deal with the each collection transaction such as
the bank wire transfer, check receiving, foreign currency collection, advance collection, and set-off. Also, you
can manage the nego process for the export LC you received from your customer
You can manage the sales and the receivable by transaction by transaction