Rachel:On-premise ERP

 Providing management consultation to the management 

In relations to the profitability indices and key assets indices, reports using grafts and tables are provided in real time. In addition, it informs you of the management meaning on the graphs included in the reports along with the explanations on the terminologies used in the management indices, and, in the event the management indices aggravate, it provides ideas for improvement through Management Tip.
 ERP" also informs you of the issues that are important to the managers or working-level staffs by analyzing and reviewing data stored in the system in relations to the sales revenue management, purchasing management, fund collection management, overhead management and fund management, etc. For example, in the event of having failed to issue tax invoice even if the due date has lapsed, it will generate the list of tax invoices for which the due date has been lapsed and notify you on weekly basis.

 Freeing the accounting staffs from simple repetitive works 

"Rachel:On-premise ERP" is designed to input the accounting statements through automatic journalizing for each of the types of the statements including the sales revenues, money collected and paid, raw cost and general administration cost, etc. This enabled the workload related to the inputting of the accounting statements by the accounting staff to be reduced drastically by allowing the sales staffs without accounting knowledge to directly input the accounting statements for the receipts of the expenditures the staffs incurred.
 ERP" will make contributions towards the improvement of the profitability of the company through assertive management of the expenditures of the company by the accounting staff freed from the simple repetitive task of inputting of the accounting statements by providing powerful budget management function.

 Preparing you for the frequent resignation of staffs 

"Rachel:On-premise ERP" will enable you to prevent the losses that can occur from the cessation of works due to the failure to handover the works at the time of resignation of staffs by allowing the details of contracts and their respective progresses to be managed through the system.
It is possible to manage the value of the contract, date of the contract, delivery date, terms and conditions of the payment and particular issues of the contract through the management of the project and the orders. Moreover, it enables the personnel in charge to easily and conveniently execute the project works through the provision of powerful reports such that the execution of the project including issuance of sales tax invoice and purchase tax invoice, collection and payment of money, etc. can be managed.

Composition of the system functions

  • Provision of manager dashboard

  • Accounting management

  • Provision of professional knowledge-based financial analysis information

  • Budget management

  • Individualization function

  • Project management

  • Administrator function

  • Purchase/materials management

  • Personnel management

Status of monthly sales revenue

- Status of monthly sales revenue

  When the status of monthly sales revenue is clicked in the Dashboard, detailed issues will be reported by the artificial   

  intelligence finance manager.

- Status of monthly sales revenue (detailed contents)

- Composition ratio of annual sales revenues (for each department)

- Key special features

  Performance for the corresponding month (in comparison to the previous month) / Accumulated performance

  (in comparison to the same period in the previous year) for each department

Monthly balance of the orders secured

- Monthly balance of the orders secured

  When monthly balance of the orders secured is clicked in the Dashboard, detailed issues will be reported by the artificial

  intelligence finance manager.

- Current status of the monthly balance of the orders secured (detailed contents)

- Annual quantity of orders secured in comparison to the average sales revenue of the immediately preceding year

Cash flow

- Status of the estimated 3-month cash flow