Rachel:Genie Hybrid System

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 On-premise ERP hesitates due to high cost 

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 It just need to change & add it a little bit. 

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We concentrate on the provision of the financial analysis information based on professional knowledge and the management issues that managers want.

팀 토크

"Rachel:Genie Hybrid system" enables the manager of small and medium enterprises to more easily and conveniently execute the management administration of the enterprises by notifying the key issues regarding the sales revenues and receipts, profitability and cash flow, etc. on weekly basis on the foundation of the professional knowledge by analyzing the transaction data accumulated over a prescribed period of time.

                                                                                   In addition, it is possible for the personnel in charge of the tasks to                                                                                         easily input the accounting statements without accounting knowledge                                                                                       as it is designed to input the accounting statements through automatic                                                                                     journaling for each of the types of transactions. This will drastically                                                                                         reduce the workload for the inputting of the accounting statements by the accounting staff alone, thereby allowing the accounting staff to concentrate on more productive works

"Rachel:Genie Hybrid system"  is designed by optimizing it to the IT, SI, construction and service businesses being pursued in project format, and to business categories that need stock management, etc. In addition, it will enable management of performances for each of the business divisions by providing the important management indices for each of the business divisions to the enterprises that wish to evaluate the performances in the business division system format, although the overall scale may be small.

Since "Rachel:Genie Hybrid
 system" provides services in web-format, it can be used as long as internet is connected without the limitations on the time and location. In addition, it can be used through a diverse range of devices including mobile, Galaxy Note and iPad, etc